All Future Parties is shaping a revolution that will see the convergence of augmented reality, wearable computing, and virtual reality. A new wave of companies is shaping this future and All Future Parties guides each through the innovation life cycle helping to fulfill their vision. 

The Social Augmented Reality Beta is a collaborative, open project by All Future Parties to create the first social augmented reality experiences. Use smart phones and watches to visualize social information belonging to people and their personified objects on any scene in real time. Our backers and collaborators are the pioneers who will initiate the first events, experiments, and experiences that become social augmented reality. Borrowing from multiple disciplines including computer vision, augmented reality, and wearable computing, this project is now accepting requests to back the project and participate in technical and social exploration. Backers receive access to client applications for Android, Windows, and access to the web API.

To Contact All Future Parties and inquire about the Accelerator or the Social Augmented Reality Beta sign up below.

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Augmented Reality

Pioneer social augmented reality in a collaborative experiment using any Android phone, web browser, and most smart watches. Fund the All Future Parties Social Augmented Reality Beta.

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Wearable Computing

Wearable computing is at its infancy trending with advancements in wireless, display, and low power innovation. We accelerate avant-garde wearable computing and mobile-peripheral technology. 


Virtual Reality

The future of all of virtual reality was crowdsourced and we were there. All Future Parties has worked on the most innovative hardware and software VR projects with many more on the horizon.