"No one expected crowdsourcing to hand us the virtual reality revolution beginning with the Oculus RIFT and followed by the Virtuix Omni and Sixense STEM. Now, multi-sensor systems, wearable and portable are coming to Kickstarter in the form of the Notch multi-sensor motion capture system and Quebee, a mobile multi-camera system. 

The All Future Parties Social Augmented Reality Beta will introduce the world to the first augmented reality plays, live performances and events. Real people in real spaces are the most interesting reality and trump the "new now" of online social networks. Social AR experiences are the catalyst for making AR technology relevant in our daily lives"

Simon Solotko | All Future Parties | Creator Social Augmented Reality Beta Project | www.linkedin.com/in/solotko

All Future Parties is working as a partner in building and crowdsourcing companies that share technology DNA and seek to advance the state of the art in mobile & wearable computing. We have expertise in the full life cycle of innovation, helping companies that need a combination of product and marketing strategy and execution for forward looking innovations. We have worked large companies and with some of the most ambitious and most successful crowdsourced technology projects. Our rich and active portfolio helps to jump start the next innovation. Our broad experience allows us to tackle the most challenging, fast moving innovations to rapidly advance their introduction.