AR/VR Austin 2016

Welcome to AR/VR Austin 2016! Please read this note as it contains important information.


You cannot park in the neighborhood so we have specific and dedicated parking arrangements very nearby at the end of this note. Also, please do not loiter outside, come in and enjoy AR/VR Austin. We have a huge back yard where you can relax if you want to be outside.


This event will be filled with innovators and innovation in VR and AR. No one can tell you what these experiences are like – you have to experience them yourself. You will not be disappointed. A limited number of tickets are still available online at so feel free to share with your friends. You are encouraged to arrive early in the day for easiest access to all the demonstrations and experiences available at AR/VR Austin.


AR/VR Austin is located at 411 W. Monroe at Vuka, Next to Impact Hub Austin. It is easy to catch an Uber or Lift to Vuka from downtown.


If you are driving, you must pay careful attention to park at either Texas School for the Deaf or just South of Vuka off of 1st Street behind the now closed Jovitas.  See the parking maps below!



Seebright Wave Smartphone-powered AR Headset Claims “Widest Field of View”, Heading to Kickstarter for $150

The latest prototype design of a new augmented reality device was unveiled at last month’s CES: Seebright Wave is an AR headset that plans to use the graphical power of your smartphone to make augmented reality a low cost affair. Seebright claims that the Wave has the widest field of view of see-through AR devices in its class, a poignant advantage given the commentary of the narrow field of view on Microsoft’s recently revealed HoloLens. Read more and watch the interview with Seebright's CMO Simon Solotko at Road to VR.  



VR Jam Game ‘Spectre’ Approved for Kickstarter, Multiplayer VR Horror Coming to a Rift Near You

"The most important thing for Spectre is that immersion helps make things really scary, more than you can really imagine until you’ve spent some time gaming in VR. Spectre can be so scary that I can’t play without occasionally lifting the Rift from my face to remind myself that it’s only a game. I know how the game works because I made it, and still, it scares me.

VR gameplay elements are also exciting because they’re a big new sandbox for developers to create unique challenges. They’re not the same old tricks gamers have been stuck with to solve puzzles for the past 30+ years. They make gamers think outside the box. Riddles that do that are the most rewarding to solve, and we are utilizing VR specific gameplay mechanics in Spectre to both create original challenges and strengthen immersion."

Source: RoadToVR



The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Technology Kickstarter with Simon Solotko

Anshel Sag of Bright Side of News sits down with All Future Parties' Simon Solotko to discuss crowd funding innovation. Anshel asks "How far along in product and technology development does a project we need to be before they launch?" Simon answers,

"Make sure your prototypes clearly demonstrate you either have a breakthrough innovation or that you have what it takes to deliver. Innovators have projects with ugly prototypes delivering a breakthrough innovation. Finishers have awesome prototypes and deliver a sublime experience, ready to deliver. Either is a winner. Ugly protoypes that don’t change the game or solve an unsolved problem create problems for your campaign. So wait, wait until you are an Innovator or a Finisher."

Source: Bright Side of News